“This course has been a really great experience for me and you were right, I did learn more than I thought I would. The location is perfect, the food was fabulous and the “Aloha” massage I learnt is incredible – to give and to receive. I am confident now in my ability to perform this massage on others. I appreciated the close supervision and corrections when I was doing something wrong. I feel that you really do care about the quality of the massages we perform. I want to thank you John for this wonderful experience it has really opened my heart.”

Malinda Swain

“Your happiness camp combines all the elements; physical, nature, laughter. Perfect balance of learning with great tunes, magic setting and outdoor fun with beach walks – morning flying – mid-day swims and outdoor shower. Love having Debbie join in as one of us – she has taught us all so much about life and amazing food. This is not a course John! This is a life changing experience. My confidence is through the roof now. You were so funny – your manner is perfect. You can be serious when you have to be, but your heart is huge and it shows. Now food: mind-blowing!! Debbie went beyond the call of duty. She watched us and knew how to nourish our bodies providing energy drinks, treats and only the best produce. But combined in such way as to enliven us or comfort us. I’ve never eaten so much good food.”

Natalie Dwyer

“My experience regarding the “Aloha” massage teachings is invaluable, changing my life from fast-paced, stressed and workaholic to a more intuitive state of well-being, which I hoped it would. I love natural therapies, massages in particular. Not knowing which massage to choose or to specialise in, I’m so glad I chose “Aloha”. I love dancing, exercises, meditation and music; and “Aloha” entails all of this. John my tutor was excellent. Classes were conducted in a very professional way as was the atmosphere and the spiritual side of things. All were made very welcome.”

Bronwyn Norcoff

“I had never heard of “Aloha” massage but when I read the ad a light came on and said to me – “you must learn this”, so I rang John straight away. Not usually something I would do, but I’m so glad I did! I struggled with my feelings of inadequacy and John was there ready with encouragement. When I finally released old tears with the help of being massaged; giving massage to others by John’s guidance and discipline; I learnt how beneficial “Aloha” has been to me, and now others too. Thank you for your patience with me.”

Dorothea Watson

“This course has been a great experience. I’ve learnt thoroughly about the body and myself. I’ve experienced different emotions throughout the journey, which benefits me in understanding other people when I’m massaging. I really enjoyed the company, the energy and the lessons. I feel quite proud of myself ‘cause I wasn’t sure how well I would pick up the treatment, considering I’ve never done bodywork. But with the great teaching by John, I managed to feel confident.”

Rosina da Costa

“I have really enjoyed this last 8 days; amazing food (Karen, you rock!) Beautiful people, gorgeous place. I can’t believe we got in all that information in 8 days. I feel really confident with the massage and feel very blessed and grateful, to have been given the chance to learn it. – Thank you. I feel like I’ve been on holiday, relaxed and rejuvenated, but have gained an amazing gift.”

Casandra Hope

“Now that I have finished the course I fell confident in myself to give a really beautiful massage, which will help people to heal themselves. I intend to encourage many people to try it. The experience of learning and giving “Aloha” massage has taken me beyond my expectations and will enhance my life from now onwards. The group I learned with were fantastic and very supportive, so I felt safe to be who I am.”

Glenn Bailey

“This has been the best course I’ve ever done! I arrived feeling overworked and stressed out, my self-esteem in tatters, feeling worthless, rejected, and low in confidence after a break-up. The whole experience was a huge learning and growing experience for me. I released some major issues through first feeling them, and then releasing them through the massage practice we did. It was confronting, but healing. I loved the flying; while it initially brought up difficult feelings, I was amazed at how healing it was. I found that if I kept focused and kept breathing; my whole mindset shifted and I felt energised, powerful and confident again.”

Renae Heremaia

“I have done a few massage courses and I have to say this one is by far the best; because of the live-in situation and the intense training the massage becomes embodied very quickly. “Aloha” massage is so much more than something you do, it’s a way of being. Every time you work on someone you receive the gift of healing for yourself, and the feeling of the “oneness” in the universe. You receive the joy of watching people alight from your table, lit-up and looking years younger. The food is amazing and I really got the importance of diet and it’s impact on me. The music was very interesting and there were some tunes to concentrate and flow with.  One of the most amazing workshops I’ve attended; my personal moves and healing during the course have been truly transformational – Thank you!”

Caroline Searle

“I want to take this opportunity to tell you that this course is amazing, far beyond my wildest expectations in every sense of the word. They were not only met but were exceeded both in body and spirit. The format of the course was good in so far as everyday was a new learning experience for me. Nothing could have quite prepared me for what unfolded as each day went by. You have exceptional organisational skills that allow us to focus on what we are doing. This is essential in enabling us to embody the learning technique and structure of what this retreat is about. I can’t imagine anyone going away with negative emotions from having this beautiful treatment. The best thing that has happened to me for a long time.”

Clive Cast

“I’ve been constantly and pleasantly surprised by John and his determination to accommodate and fulfill the needs of his students during the retreat. I expected the usual boring society boundaries; but instead found John’s course to embody the true meaning of sacred healing and positive transformation. John is honest, sincere, committed to his fine work and possesses the qualities of a true Shaman. He has provided an experience that has already helped me to grow and will continue to echo through my life. I will be using the techniques and practices I’ve learnt regularly starting this week. I wanted a physical healing ceremony that I could incorporate into my own healing sessions and I feel entirely fulfilled in this. I feel this particular course could have been designed for me personally. Thank you Spirit!”

Rowena Banks