What I Stand For


Aloha and hi, I’m John Stephenson and I’d like to share my four values with you. I have found that having them written down as I've listed helps me to embody them more into my psychology and the mindset of who I truly am. It has put them into true perspective in my life so [...]

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What is a “Beautiful Day” like?


Waking up around dawn to soft sunlight, and moving into a meditation, grounding into your body and a growing awareness of life as it is. Swimming in the ocean or walking along the beach and coming back for a nourishing breakfast; then cleansing self and washing the dishes and floors, with turns to decorate the [...]

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The healing art form of Aloha


How to become a practitioner and work as a healer with this system will be demonstrated to you personally on this Training Retreat. It is for anybody who wants to learn massage and way more, with no experience necessary. If you are seeking basic training through to advanced techniques while gaining current skills in natural [...]

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Mind, Body & Spirit


You will learn how to feel and work with their body by developing your focus and intention. In this way you can assist people to shift emotional blocks, change mental beliefs and clarify their purpose and spirit. “Aloha” massage taught by John Stephenson is a complete rejuvenating treatment that works with vibrational energy throughout the [...]

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How to be positive and focused


Just how do you become a healer and a practitioner? By birthing yourself first. Through “Aloha” massage training and even more so, your own personal growth. So you become real, as a person, fully present with others and in yourself. What do I mean by this? To be true to yourself, holding great values that [...]

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