Aloha and hi, I’m John Stephenson and I’d like to share my four values with you.

I have found that having them written down as I’ve listed helps me to embody them more into my psychology and the mindset of who I truly am. It has put them into true perspective in my life so that I do take a stand for them; they are “My Values!”

  1. Integrity, confidentiality and balance.

As a man it is of the utmost importance to be in my integrity, by standing for my values. Doing what I say I will do and saying “No” if it doesn’t work for me. Honouring my word rather than being evasive or ambiguous.

With confidentiality it is fine to share your own experience, provided you don’t name or talk about other peoples’ business, which is not okay. This is how I hold the personal trust that people have in me. By using “I” statements I can take responsibility and ownership for what I say, instead of generalising what I’m speaking about I claim my opinion and speech by using ”I”; not you or we, I speak for myself!

  1. Respect, love and trust – For Women and Men: Connection and culture.

Balance is about having equal masculine and feminine energy; so I’m neither too yang or too ying but rather grounded and equipoised; by having respect, love and trust I embody these qualities in my heart. This brings me into the natural love that is part of me.

By maintaining my heart-space, and the natural love and trust there, is the true part of me, within my “whole” self. This is what creates my connection with people and the culture I bring into my life.

  1. Making a difference.

In making a difference, my purpose and goal for this is to offer “Aloha” massage training courses for people all over the world. This affects everybody that receives “Aloha” massages and all those who become “Aloha” practitioners. Also changing my own life by having a positive mind set and my personal growth behaviours. Bringing myself into alignment of being the best I can truly be.

  1. Being real – The Truth.

I take being real as a natural given so that I am being true to others and myself. Not believing my assumptions or the false truths of others, but cutting to the chase with the actual facts – the truth. That’s being real to me!

Aloha, John.