• How to become a practitioner and work as a healer with this system will be demonstrated to you personally on this Training Retreat. It is for anybody who wants to learn massage and way more, with no experience necessary. If you are seeking basic training through to advanced techniques while gaining current skills in natural therapies together with personal growth work.
  • “Aloha” massage, being a unique blend of attention, focus and footwork teaches you how to navigate the shape and contours of the body. By the flowing movement of your arms assisted with graceful footwork it becomes easy to relax and rejuvenate your clients body.
  • You will learn how to feel and be able to work with the body using your intention and focus to assist people to move beyond their stress and tension.
  • This primary Training Retreat in “Aloha” Massage will enable you to deliver a massage treatment that many people describe as “the best massage I’ve ever had in my life!”
  • This is because of the different and unique style you will be using together with a positive system to follow along each persons natural build and body type, being able to adjust with soft, medium or firm pressure, you will be happy giving 1 hr. or 1 1/2 hr. massage treatment to your clients with ease.
  • The first part to learn is a body movement that is the basis for all the movements used in the massage. It is like imitating the movements of a large ocean bird called the “Frigate”, so it is called “Flying”. This involves special foot movements, like learning to dance and adding graceful flowing movements with your arms.
  • Then it becomes a way of flowing, and flying, so proficiently that you can embody it naturally as a way of moving so that it is like second nature; and becomes like your body is on automatic pilot.
  • Following on from this is how to apply the use of the arms, using them on and over the body shape and navigating the contours of the body, like the hills and valleys of the back and legs for example.
  • By demonstration and then personally practicing it this part of the training is hands-on interacting in the practical aspects of this style. By giving and receiving you will experience how it feels and from your own absorption the way to give it.
  • Then through gradual stages by small parts at a time all the pieces will connect together and be taught so you know how it all fits to form and comprise a complete system. This way you receive intensive training by going over all that you have learned and growing on to it with each new part.
  • There are many various aspects to this “Aloha” style and they will all be covered thoroughly to give you a total understanding of how it works for any kind of treatment you deliver;
    such as:
    – how to apply oil to the body
    – draping by using sheets over the body
    – full treatment movements and applications
    – navigating by massaging the whole body
    – Practitioner Training for 1 hr. and 1 1/2 hr. Massages

And these will all be included to make this a fully comprehensive and practical Training Retreat.