You will learn how to feel and work with their body by developing your focus and intention. In this way you can assist people to shift emotional blocks, change mental beliefs and clarify their purpose and spirit.

  • “Aloha” massage taught by John Stephenson is a complete rejuvenating treatment that works with vibrational energy throughout the body raising and transforming cellular memory.
  • This training in “Aloha” massage is a unique blend of attitude focus and footwork. You will learn the “Kahuna” dance of using graceful footwork while moving your forearms in a flowing rhythm for healing the body.
  • This dance is the basis (and secret) for all of the movements used in “Aloha” massage and it comes from the way a beautiful ocean bird, called the “Frigate”. As you learn to fly over the body like the Frigate bird, you create deep relaxation, which allows the body’s healing to take place.
  • As you gain proficiency the powerful flying technique becomes second nature. You will learn through small and gradual stages how to master these movements. As all the pieces connect together they will form the complete whole that is “Aloha” massage.
  • This ancient “Aloha” massage system has been practiced for thousand of years. It comes from traditional Hawaiian teachings that were not taught to anyone from the western world before 1981.
  • John is now teaching this ancient knowledge that turns massage into an art form. You will learn the power of this transformational and sacred form of massage which is the essence of healing your “Body, Mind and Spirit”