Just how do you become a healer and a practitioner?

By birthing yourself first. Through “Aloha” massage training and even more so, your own personal growth. So you become real, as a person, fully present with others and in yourself.

What do I mean by this?

To be true to yourself, holding great values that challenge you to raise and maintain them. Changing all your negative words and thoughts so you only think and speak positively.

Then you can hold a positive space in your own life and for those you give treatment to. It is what you do and what you say that counts. So having a pure ego and being the benevolent healer is a more satisfying way to live your life as a practitioner. Benevolence is holding only the highest good as the outcome for you clients’ treatment.

It’s not about learning the moves but understanding your own intention and having focus with the client for healing to take place. The whole “Aloha” retreat is designed to assist you in beginning to feel how to create and give this healing to others.

It becomes a journey for your clients to experience in the most beneficial way. This happens when you are being real, present, focused and giving your full attention to the client for their enjoyment.