Discover the secret of giving Aloha massage by nurturing your friends and clients

Yes you can start giving Aloha Massage straight away, all you need is your willingness to train. Previous experience is not necessary.

You can become a practitioner immediately, by being fast-tracked!

  • Your clients will love it!

  • It’s fun to give Aloha massage

  • You get paid well for it!

What is “Aloha” Massage Training?

 You will find out that Aloha is a real and nurturing training that you will gain and have for the rest of your life. You can go anywhere and give it to anyone, especially your friends and the people you love.

As part of the course you will receive massages every day; so you know what it feels like and how enjoyable Aloha massage really is. This is the way that Aloha is ‘fun to train and easy to give.’

This is a powerful program to deliver this hands-on style for you to embody while also receiving personal ‘one on one’ coaching with me. I will be sharing my knowledge and expertise of how to focus on the Aloha massage form.

You can discover how to give nurturing to people using the balanced movements of ‘Aloha’ which allows for real healing to take place as well. This training creates an inspirational community into becoming Aloha practitioners from practical experience.

In 2019 the Aloha Massage Training Retreats will be at Broken Head Beach, Byron Bay, with great food from our executive chef Kara. There will also be time for swimming and beach walks.

Having the integrity and determination of all participants who will be caring for one another within a sacred space so healing may occur by evolving on this journey together.

The ‘Aloha’ massage training courses are for 8 days and 8 nights of live-in residential training, with all equipment, accommodation, meals and snacks provided. You do need to bring your willingness to learn, together with an open heart. (No previous experience is necessary).

So come and enjoy the training course by having fun, while taking the value of this skill and knowledge with you. You can do what you love from learning Aloha and be paid well for it.

There are only 10 places so call me now to confirm your place!

Aloha, John Stephenson

“What are you looking for and wanting to get with this Aloha Massage Training Retreat?”

You can gain the inspiration and motivation you are seeking by:

  • Creating a better and more meaningful life with family and loved ones,

  • For buying a house, renovating or decorating,

  • Spending more time with your children

  • Having holidays for yourself or with family and friends, when and where you choose to go

  • Being personally satisfied by your achievements, or challenged if you want it

  • Gaining and embodying Aloha massage so you can take it anywhere in the world

  • Making the income for what you want (being able to pay for this training); -and becoming an entrepreneur by starting your own business to be your own boss; -and manage your time and clients around your dream lifestyle.

All of these are possible by coming to an Aloha Massage Training Retreat, which is designed for you to make a difference in the world and your life!

What I care deeply about

The aim of “Aloha” massage practitioner training is to teach you how to become more than a massage therapist. So you will learn to become a healer by practicing “Aloha” from the training retreat and giving it to your clients.

Because I train you from my 20 years experience, I teach you in exactly how I now perform it. The way “Aloha” massage works, is by long flowing movements given over your client’s body using the soft part of your forearm.  This feels like waves are washing over your body, bringing relaxation and creating the release of stress and tension for you. In turn this allows for deep healing to take place within the body, heart and soul of the receiver.

BY embodying the practice of “Aloha” massage from this training you will get the transfer of my knowledge to feel confident from the moment you start. As you practice it with clients, “Aloha” massage will transform you into the practitioner you desire to come.

This is why I give you this training; because spreading healing that’s for everybody is what I care deeply about. Being able to take “Aloha” massage everywhere in the world is my passion for making a difference.

So come on this journey for yourself and all those you’ll give to, bringing them more into connection with their body and awareness of how being in this state feels.

Find your Purpose

Retreat 1

  • You will be able to give 1 1/2 hours “Aloha” massages and 1 hour “Aloha” massages- immediately (no experience needed)

  • This is a hands-on training retreat that is the beginning of knowing what “Aloha” is and how to do it.

  • By particle training and understanding with theory, this is the experiential “Fast-track” to become a practitioner.

Give to Many

Retreat 2

  • Enhancement of your “Aloha” massage to give full 2 hour “Aloha” treatments.

  • How to embody and give your clients the whole package you have to offer.

  • This training will upgrade you to the next layer of practicing your healing, so you are ready to make a difference in the world and share your gift!

Become a Master

Retreat 3

  • This is a glamping camp-away training retreat at the beach.

  • Your full integration and total embodiment from all the training and practicing you have done.

  • Giving and receiving with 2 practitioners at a time.

  • Refinement of your expertise into becoming a qualified “Aloha Master Practitioner”.

You will meet like-minded people by having fun practicing these techniques.

  • Learning and balance from your own personal growth.

  • Enjoying great food and beautiful surroundings.

  • Become creative, focused and present with yourself.

  • Enhancing your lifestyle by increasing your income.

This is the “Start Now” button with no looking back; (“Why didn’t I do this sooner?”)